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ACE Mini-Grant

ACE Mini-Grant (up to $5,000)

Eligibility Criteria

Before applying for an ACE Mini-Grant, please read and make sure your organization meets the criteria noted below:


If you have previously registered and begun your application process, please follow the steps below to login:

  1. Login
  2. Once you are logged in, copy and paste the unique link that was provided to you after saving your application into your INTERNET BROWSER and you will be redirected to your application.


If you haven’t registered, you will be prompted to do so prior to beginning the application process.

Apply – Mini-Grant Program

ACE Mini-Grant Application

ACE Mini-Grant Guidelines

The program has two main goals for funding:

  1. To act as an introductory grant program for Florida Not-For-Profit arts and cultural programming organizations or existing small 501(c)3 arts and cultural programming organizations with no prior ACE grant experience;
  2. To promote professional development for small and emerging arts and cultural organizations

All applications to this program are reviewed for technical eligibility by ACE; next, a panel of volunteers evaluates, scores, and makes funding support recommendations to the ACE Board on the applications. Based on the organization meeting the minimum scoring requirements, the ACE Board will recommend full support of the organization.

Match Requirements

Match requirements are dollar-for-dollar ($1:$2), In other words, for every ACE dollar requested, the applicant must match it with two-dollar combined cash and in-kind income. The match can be “in-kind” and/or cash on hand. Match is anticipated at the time of application; if the application is funded, the actual match figures will be included in the grantee’s final report.

How Often Can I Apply?

Organizations may apply each year, but the needs and goals of the organization should dictate this. It is not appropriate for organizations to repeatedly apply to this program when they’re eligible for the ACE General Operating Grant program. If a Mini-Grant is awarded to an organization, the next time the same organization applies for a Mini-Grant, the application will be flagged as a lower priority. Since one of the main goals of the Mini-Grant program is to fund first time applicants, it is easy to see why repeated applications will not be as competitive. The Mini-Grant Program has a small fund and will be used to fully fund the priority list; as a result, the competition can be fierce. Please be aware that the number of applications and their requests may outweigh the funds available.

Mini‑Grant – Up to $5,000

This grant supports small organizations that meet basic eligibility criteria. Artistic Excellence, Public Impact, and Program Management will be evaluated as appropriate to the intent of this program. Mini‑Grants are limited to organizations with previous fiscal year’s total operating income budget of under $50,000.

Deadlines and Grant Periods

Applications must be submitted by 5:00 PM Central Time of the deadline date.

Review Criteria & Scoring

The Mini-Grant panel will meet with the organizations to allow for updates and answer panelist questions about the application and the organization.

The maximum score that can be earned by a Mini-Grant application is 100; applications must receive at least a score of 75 to be considered for funding. A “75” or higher score does not guarantee funding.

Funding recommendations will be made by the panel in consideration of the overall group of applications, the relative merits of each proposal, and the funds available for the program.

ACE Mini-Grant Application